About a year ago I was at the beach with my friend. With my love of photography driving me to take pictures of everything, I was especially interested when I found a sign on a pier that said “No Jumping or Diving From Pier.” It wasn’t until a few months later when I was editing the picture that I realised the meaning of the sign went past instructions for behavior on the pier. The sign could apply to No Jumping or Diving life. All the events we go through build on each other, leading to different things. Each time we experience something we always make sure we don’t take it too far, and when we do, we realise it’s a mistake. We find ourselves drowning in the mess we created and it takes all of our strength and effort to clear things up…to escape the water. I guess I see the sign as a warning. It was a warning on the pier for people not to jump off and get tangled in the fishing lines or drown in the water, and it’s a warning in life to not take things too far. Don’t jump off the pier of a situation or dive into something too deep without thinking it through first.

A pier is also surrounded with beauty. Though deadly when someone leaps off of it, it’s enclosed in the allurement of the sea. At dusk, many flock to piers to witness the enchanting sunset as the colors paint the sky and bounce off the waves of the ocean. It’s like this with anything. Any struggle in life seems to always be lurking in something beautiful. Problems are masked by their own Siren you could say. People are pulled in by desire only to find that when they go too far with things, everything ends up horribly messed up. If everything in life had a warning sign, maybe people wouldn’t go through so much trouble. A perfect world is not achievable though, and with failure comes opportunity. One door closes and another opens, and that is the great paradox of life.


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