We Belong To Nobody & Nobody Belongs To Us.

So as the curious teenager I am, I decided to go back and watch classic movies. I’ve always had a love for old horror movies such as Psycho..really anything by Alfred Hitchcock. Tonight I wanted something different though. I spend my days volunteering at a local nursing home. It is there where I find my peace. I can relax and truly do something I love doing. The residents have become my family, and the center has become my home. If ever I feel lost or stressed, I help out for a day there and my problems go away. Today was a particularly good day there. The residents were all happy and fun activities were being held. Unlike the tired vibe often felt by late afternoon, everyone seemed awake and energetic. This radiated into all of the workers causing everyone to be beaming. After coming home from a good day I was taken by surprise when my grandpa bought me more charms for my Pandora bracelet. Once I was finally settled in at my house I was given the news that I would have lunch this school year with many of my good friends. It was quite an outstanding day, and in my thinking, what better thought than to end it with an older movie.  I sat down and went on Netflix. I found myself typing in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I never would have thought that by the end of it, I would find myself almost in tears and completely in love with the movie. A wonderful and inspiring journey of a lost girl who winds up falling in love with the right boy. How perfect can a movie be? It reminded me of the Artist, but in a colored and more classic way. With stunning Audrey Hepburn leading the movie, it was impossible to not be engrossed the entire time. I fell in love with a timeless classic tonight. I’d like to make that public.


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