Camomile Tea

It seems like everyone is so stressed lately. Summer is coming to a close and the hustle and bustle of the school year and official work year is getting everyone in a haste. Though it seems like none of us have time for this, I believe we all need to take a day, or an hour, or even a few minutes and just chill out. Everything anyone needs to get done will, and you work more proficiently when you’re relaxed anyways. Everyone I’ve spoken to lately has been complaining about not being able to go shopping, or not having the work done, or not having the teachers ready for when school starts (my mom is a principal). If you keep stressing out about things like that, you’re not making it get done any sooner or making it any better. I stress out a lot but I’m not afraid to admit that in the big picture, when I take time to complain and stress, I’m just being selfish. I can’t sit there and make anger about things when I’m wasting my time doing just that. If I’m gonna spend time not contributing to the situation at hand then I might as well make use of my wasted time. I might as well relax for a minute. Which leads me to say that everyone has time to slow down and relax because I know we all definitely make time to worry and complain. It’s kinda like being angry at someone. If you spend your time being mad at them, the only thing you’re doing is making the situation worse. You’re not contributing to anything and if you care enough to complain then why waste time not fixing things. If you’re not gonna put in the time to fix things, then I say you don’t deserve the right to be angry…or complain. I can almost guarantee that once you slow down for a minute and reevaluate the situation and calm down a bit (relax) that you’ll be more ready to come back and start working on what you need to do. You’ll also be happier because for once, you’ll be able to breathe and clear your mind. We all want a break right? So let’s give ourselves one. If you reflect on your day I’m sure you can point out many activities you do that aren’t necessary but you make excuses for anyways. If you cut just one of those activities out and use the unused time to relax, then you’ll automatically be more proficient. Now I’m not saying for everyone out there to stop what they’re doing for good and take a nap. I’m just saying that we waste our time doing un-useful things, when we could be doing something that’s not the task at hand, but is contributing to it in a positive way in the long run.

Basically we all just need to step back for a minute, sip our Camomile tea, and calm down.


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