Just Being

When I say I sometimes feel depressed, I often take back the words that flow from my mouth. Emotions are things you feel. They over take your brain and alter your actions. To feel them is to recognize and react to them. There are, however, other things that you do not really feel at all. You just are them. Depression, for me, is one of those things. I do not feel anything when I get really depressed. There is no sadness or loneliness or anger. I am nothing in a world of something. I am empty, and I am depressed. There is no feeling involved. I just am. This can be taken to a much bigger level. Everyone is something. We are all part of a whole, but we are all individuals. We cannot see other people’s lives, we cannot feel their joy or happiness. We are not them. We are us, and we just are. Though we personally feel different things and experience different events, when looking at the big picture, we are just ourselves. Nothing more and absolutely nothing less. As time goes on, unless we leave behind our mark (such as Shakespeare, Dickens, ¬†ect…) we will be forgotten. Our “just being” will not be important. Even though we all come from somewhere, our lives are so individually different that where we are from begins not to matter. We are our own person, and we just are.