Start Again

Cold air runs through the dismal world I call home. Autumn is falling, and soon winter will take over. Finally the adventurous days of October and November are here. The brisk breeze, happy trick-or-treaters, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will all be around the corner. The season of bonfires and relationships has begun. S’mores and hot chocolate wait to be kissed by awaiting lips. The leaves will soon be painted with the vibrant shades of red and orange and yellow as the season sets in. Pumpkins eagerly await to be carved, and their seeds beg to be toasted.

The reality of Summer fades away as the world of Autumn and Winter shines. Nothing is quite like it. Though it’s experienced every year, the mid-October feeling, where one is well aware that the world is changing, is unlike any other. Looking to far into it perhaps, but the transition is the loveliest part.  In a matter of short days, the heat drifts away and the cold air fills in the empty spaces. The atmosphere surrounding everyone shifts to a laid-back, exciting one. No one is left behind in the Fall. Everyone finds something to do, someone to see, a place to go, and people do as they please. It’s the season for doing just that. It’s time to start again.


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