Lingering Tendencies.

If you look at life as if it were a box, how would you see yourself fitting into the box? I see everything in constant motion. Everything has a purpose, a mission, a goal, something that its trying to achieve. I feel like I don’t. Sometimes it’s as if the world moving but I never move with it. I feel like the purpose I serve is to drift around popping in and out of peoples lives, possibly changing them but never changing myself. Maybe that’s just it though. We all serve some kind of purpose and people spend ages trying to find out what they were meant to do, but maybe it’s not that difficult. We look for some hidden meaning to life because we know that life ends, so it has to be more than just messing up and fixing mistakes, drifting around and coming back again. Stepping back though, life is life. There is no secret message; there is no hidden meaning. Facing reality is, to bluntly put it, beak and disheartening. However, it is relieving in the sense that life becomes simple. It allows one to strip away the wandering thoughts and hopes that surround things and focus on more important tasks. So, perhaps I do drift. Perhaps that is the only thing I do, and the only thing I will be good at doing. But it’s simple. And nothing needs to be too complicated.